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1. It is advised that purchases are made via PayPal "Goods & Services" for online protection (especially for new members).

2. No "Offers" posts. Please state a price and/or nearest offer. Price must be stated publicly. If you are unsure on the value then you may do a "price check or help with valuation" post.

3. No raffles or any sort of competitions.

4. No eBay links. Selling activity must be within our group only.

5. No sales post bashing / hijacking. Members are free to sell at whichever price they wish. Please only comment if you are interested in the item or trying to be helpful to the seller.

6. If you are facing any buyer/seller issues please contact PayPal If you have been scammed please inform admin of the member and provide FULL screenshot of conversation as evidence so action can be taken. The same evidence is also required if you are reporting someone that you have not personally dealt with.

7. Keep it Pokemon related only, besides cards selling of Pokemon merchandise/ Nintendo consoles is permitted
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