Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on . They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. General Forum Rules

    1. 1. Respect other forum members ~ Forum members are to be respectful of others at all times. Bullying and victimising will not be tolerated on the forum and attempting to cause arguments among others is not permitted.

      2. Do not post inappropriately.

      3. Do not avoid the forum filter ~ Mild swearing is allowed on the Forum however is limited to certain words.

      5. Do not post private details or information ~ We do not allow you to post private information about yourself due to security concerns. Disclosing any information about another forum user without their consent is also not allowed. This includes:
      Private messages relating to Staff issues or details regarding staff-only matters**
      Private conversations where no consent from all parties is provided (both from the forum and / or other platforms)
      Images / videos of the user or links to a page where an image/video of another user is located (this includes social networking sites, facebook, myspace etc)
      Personal information (specific address, phone number etc) on a public post. You may share this via Private Message, although We takes no responsibility for any consequences.

      6. Leave moderating to the moderators ~ If you see someone breaking a rule, click the report post icon on that post with and provide a brief description. You must not post a reply to tell another member that they have broken the rule, however if you find a thread which has already been posted then you MAY reply with a link to that thread however your post must also contain something which is relevant and on topic to the threads subject.

      7. Please do not post links to Internet Marketing which involves your gain at the expense of our members ~ Referral marketing is a method of internet marketing that relies on gaining new customers by referrals, usually through word of mouth. Referrals can be an annoyance for members, and therefore they are not allowed, they are also not allowed in signatures. This rule also covers sites which pay you per click on certain links
  2. Buying & Selling

    1. 1. It is advised that purchases are made via PayPal "Goods & Services" for online protection (especially for new members).

      2. No "Offers" posts. Please state a price and/or nearest offer. Price must be stated publicly. If you are unsure on the value then you may do a "price check or help with valuation" post.

      3. No raffles or any sort of competitions.

      4. No eBay links. Selling activity must be within our group only.

      5. No sales post bashing / hijacking. Members are free to sell at whichever price they wish. Please only comment if you are interested in the item or trying to be helpful to the seller.

      6. If you are facing any buyer/seller issues please contact PayPal If you have been scammed please inform admin of the member and provide FULL screenshot of conversation as evidence so action can be taken. The same evidence is also required if you are reporting someone that you have not personally dealt with.

      7. Keep it Pokemon related only, besides cards selling of Pokemon merchandise/ Nintendo consoles is permitted. #
  3. User Names

    1. Note anyone with an offensive username will be permanently banned without any hesitation. #
  4. Gym Badges

    1. Image
      Boulder badge
      Earn this gym badge by making 5 posts
      Cascade Badge
      Earn this gym badge by making 10 posts
      Thunder Badge
      Earn this gym badge by making 20 posts
      Rainbow Badge
      Earn this gym badge by making 40 posts
      Soul Badge
      Earn this gym badge by making 80 posts
      Marsh Badge
      Earn this gym badge by making 160 posts
      Volcano Badge
      Earn this gym badge by making 320 posts
      Earth Badge
      Earn this gym badge by making 640 posts
  5. Pokeballs

    1. Image
      Earn this Pokéball by being 7 Days registered

      Earn this Pokéball by being 14 Days registered

      Earn this Pokéball by being 28 Days registered

      Earn this Pokéball by being 90 Days registered

      Earn this Pokéball by being 180 Days registered

      Master Ball
      Earn this Pokéball by being 365 Days registered